Gel image capture system


Gel image capture system

Nhà sản xuất: 2014
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Technology shorter wavelengths measured in the strengths minimize errors (accuracy of the measurement) due to changes in the radiation coefficient

In most applications, the selection of the shortest wavelength fact will help ensure the smallest error for measurements, really, short wavelength capable of reducing at least 4 to 20 times the sensitivity for changing continuity of radiation when compared with other types of sensors used longer wavelengths.

Thông tin

The product line of high temperature technology Pro single wavelength.

PRO product line meets the first complete system of infrared temperature measurement technology single wavelength specifically to meet the high accuracy and stability of measurements, is used in a wide range of industries. Salient Features of PRO meets diverse optional feature input, output, warning signal level in order to bring convenience to the ability to control and monitor production processes. each sensor / transducer can be integrated to hoatt separately or control over the display when using coaxial cables with the probe.

Specific Configuration:

Measuring temperature limits: 0 – 3040oC.
Observing through the optic viewfinder, watching Lazer or optional cable for the optical probe.
Supply complete loss for choice wide range of probe types shorter wavelengths, depending on the length or special request of the user application.
Eyepiece can choose the type with low or high resolution.
4-20mA output signal can be established with 03 optional parameters of different measurements.
Providing 02 sewer connection / RS232 and RS485 control.
Integrated interfaces to connect to determine the operating parameters of the loop probe through observing users on the display.
The sensor / sensor capable of warning mode selection or select the input signal type through the main menu to adjust the radiation / adjustable emissivity and repeat warnings of determination.
Optional control mode with the display through the interface connected to the probe, AC power supply and provides the ability to connect a large selection of versatile output and warning mode.
Design NEMA 4X comply (IP65, rapid fire function and use in harsh environments.